Dr. Neil Singla, USA

Dr. Neil Singla is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Lotus Clinical Research. Since its inception in 2001, Dr. Singla has served several roles within the organization including: Research Coordinator, Sub-Investigator, Principal Investigator, Coordinating Investigator and finally Chief Scientific Officer. Lotus currently has approximately 70 full-time employees and functions as a 50-bed analgesic research site (located in Southern California) and a full-service CRO. In his capacity as CSO for Lotus Dr. Singla has had the opportunity to interact frequently with the US Food and Drug Administration’s Analgesics Division on behalf of clients and play a significant role in guiding development strategies for dozens of putative analgesic agents. In the company’s 16-year history, Dr. Singla and Lotus have played a significant role in bringing several molecules to market. Dr. Singla has published extensively and is a frequent lecturer for physicians, pharmaceutical companies and medical research institutes throughout the country. He currently chairs the Analgesic Clinical Trials Shared/ Special Interest Group at both the American Pain Society (APS) and the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). He assembles and moderates the APS’ annual Conference on Analgesic Trials (APS-CAT) most recently held May 17, 2017, in Pittsburgh, PA, with the purpose of helping experts advance best practices in analgesic drug development. The main focus of Dr. Singla’s academic endeavors has been to analyze and understand how the inherent variability in subjective endpoint analgesic clinical trials can be minimized. He has developed novel techniques for patient education designed to minimize variability, reduce placebo response and increase effect size.